It’s no secret that the housing market is hotter than ever, and many Americans are capitalizing on this opportunity to make a nice profit on their home.

This includes homeowners who weren’t even planning on selling their homes in the first place. While this is a very buyer-friendly market, there is a checklist of renovations you can make before listing your home that will maximize its value.

Here are a couple of essential renovations you should make to your home before listing it:

Assessing your Appliances

Your appliances can be a huge selling point for your home. Washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens can add significant value to your home if you plan to leave them for the next owner. However, if you choose to do so, you better make sure they are in good working condition to maximize their value. If your appliances are not functioning well, you can either replace them or hire a contractor to repair the appliance if it still has visual appeal. If your appliances are a set, a newer model, or add to the room’s appeal, this may be the route you want to take. Repairs tend to be cheaper than total replacements, and in most instances, replacing one appliance will result in multiple replacements as most appliances such as washers and dryers tend to be sets.

HVAC Inspection and Maintenance

Ensuring your HVAC system is fully functioning is an essential task on the checklist before listing your home. Changing air filters and cleaning the ducts is a great place to start, as doing this every 90 days can prevent damage caused by dust build-up in the ducts. It is best to have your contractor or HVAC technician inspect the HVAC system for more in-depth repairs. When a home is appraised, the appraiser will often have the electrical systems, furnace faults, ductwork, and quality of ventilation inspected. A contractor or technician can inspect these complex systems to make sure everything is up to par and create a plan to get them in working order should repairs be needed.

Fixing Any Holes or Cracks

Holes in your wall aren’t necessarily caused by mistakes or accidents; they can be the byproduct of wall hangings such as picture frames and television mounts. They may be small, but they can stand out to a potential buyer if they are numerous. For these small holes, you can patch them with a drywall compound and a putty knife. If you have a larger crack in your wall or ceiling, you should call a certified contractor to evaluate and repair these damages. You do not want to repair these cracks on your own, as they may run deeper than surface level and may continue to spread even if the visible damages are sealed.

Addressing Water Damage

Water damage is a problem that can turn into a catastrophe very quickly. If the moisture seeps into your home’s foundation, it can compromise its integrity and result in a collapse of floors and ceilings. If there is any visible water damage in your home, it’s critical that it is addressed before listing your home. It is also good practice to have a certified contractor inspect your home for any water damage that may be visible to the untrained eye. It is equally crucial to have any visible mold removed as well, as certain strains of mold can be hazardous. While some molds can be removed with household cleaning products, it is imperative for your safety to identify the kind of mold first and wear a mask or other respiratory protection so that you do not inhale anything toxic. If the mold problem is anything larger than a small patch, it is best to bring in a professional who can remove the mold at its root level, ensuring it will not come back.

Faucet Replacement

A minor renovation that can pay dividends at closing time is replacing and repairing your faucets. If you are looking for a boost in value for your home, a replacement will ultimately be the best option, as a new faucet can update the look of your entire kitchen or bathroom. Additionally, this is the best way to ensure that the faucets will not leak anytime soon. While they can last for years without issue, even a slightly leaky faucet can cause mold problems as well as rack up your water bill. Whether you are replacing or repairing, it is best to bring in a professional as a botched installation or repair can cost way more to fix than having it done by a contractor from the start.

Hardware Replacement

Another small renovation that can spruce up the look of your home and get it ready for potential buyers is replacing the knobs and handles on all of your doors. It may not be something you notice after years of living in your home, but dulled, worn, and scratched knobs can be a bit of an eye-sore. Additionally, there aren’t many more frustrating things that can happen in your home than a door sticking or having to fight a loose doorknob to get in and out of a room. This relatively inexpensive and quick DIY project can be a nice subtle boost to your home’s appeal and can save some frustrating negotiations come closing time.

While these renovations range from simple DIY projects to professional repairs, they all can prove to be a massive boost to your home’s value that will outweigh their up-front investment. A savvy DIYer can handle most of these tasks; however, it is always better to err on the side of caution, as repairing a lousy repair can prove to be more expensive than the higher cost of going the professional route in the first place.

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