When you hear curb appeal, most people associate it with residential homes, when in fact, it is just as if not more important to commercial properties. Learn how commercial building exterior renovations can boost your curb appeal.

Whether it is an office building, storefront, or multi-family home, your commercial property’s exterior is the first thing a potential client or applicant sees when they are engaging with your business. This can form a lasting first impression that could ultimately cost your business money. Giving your commercial property a facelift can come in many forms, all with its own benefits to curb appeal that can potentially solicit traffic from people walking by.

Here are a few Exterior Remodels that can boost your commercial property’s curb appeal:

Rep Your Brand

As we previously mentioned, the first thing people interact with when they visit your commercial property is the exterior. Having clear and present branding is a great way to set the tone for any client interaction. There are many ways to do this, both large and small. Simply making sure your logo is prominently displayed through bold and clean signage is a great place to start that can be commonly overlooked. Incorporating your brand’s color scheme into your property’s exterior is also a great way to make it a beacon for your brand. This can range from awning and frames utilizing these colors, all the way to making the entire building match your brand’s color scheme! Additionally, if your property allows, you can even incorporate brand elements within the landscaping using stones, flowers, and mulch that reflect your brand.

Let the Light In

A benefit to both your commercial property’s interior and exterior, adding more windows has a multitude of benefits. Utilizing large glass panel windows gives your property a modern aesthetic that can attract both clients and applicants. These large windows can also give passersby a peek into the inner machinations of your business, which can spark curiosity and possibly lead to business. Additionally, having large windows lets a ton of natural light into your commercial property, brightening the interior and heating it up, cutting energy cost and usage!

Design Your Facade

The façade is the true face of your commercial property, and therefore your business. As the bridge between the outside world and your place of business, the façade is ultimately where its curb appeal needs to pack a punch. There are unlimited options when it comes to designing the façade of your property, which can tell just as much of a story for your brand as anything in the previous section. For example, if you are trying to present as a sleek and cutting-edge brand, metal paneling or large glass paneling give all the tell-tale signs of modern architecture and can tell your story from just a quick glance.

Total Overhaul

Sometimes more minor renovations can do the job of boosting your commercial property’s curb appeal to levels that will benefit your business. Replacing your entire property’s exterior can seem daunting but may ultimately be the best way to achieve your vision for it. Having your commercial contractor remove the current materials and replace them allows you to completely modernize its aesthetic and make it stand out from the crowd. The amount of intrigue this will build can be a massive boon for your property and your business, increasing the property value and attracting new clientele with your new look.

Pavement Repairs

While curb appeal starts with the look of the property itself, the condition of the pavement around it can quickly detract from its overall appearance. Having a cracked and decaying parking lot or sidewalks surrounding your property is not only visually unappealing but can also be an outright safety hazard for those using them. If you are considering an exterior renovation of your commercial property, it may be worth including a pavement repair in your discussions with your commercial contractor.

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