Commercial Building Exterior Renovations

Often referred to as curb appeal, keeping the exterior of your commercial property in great condition is key to both maintaining and increasing its value. Colorado weather patterns are particularly rough on commercial building exteriors and can take an expensive and progressive toll. The A-Line Contractors team works to protect our clients in advance of predictable problems, which delivers great cost savings over time. If you need commercial building exterior renovations contact our team of experts today!

Our exterior renovations team specializes in elective renovations including building modernization and visual overhauls. Our highly skilled team utilizes leading-edge tools to help clients visualize results and make informed decisions.

We Are Here To Help With...

Damage / Claims

We will thoroughly inspect the exterior of your building to identify damage points, whether from a storm, material failure, or incorrect building construction. Damage points can be sources of current issues, or indicators of future issues that we can mitigate in advance.

Prioritized Repairs

Spending money on unessential repairs is the last thing any building or homeowner should do. We identify repairs that are urgently needed as well as work that can be deferred to a later date. We work with clients to develop long term plans that will maintain their exterior for years to come.

Construction Defect

Situations where materials are installed incorrectly or fail before their expected lifespan do occur. Unresolved construction defects can become the source of long term, expensive problems for a property owner. We will identify any defects and help you navigate the process to rectify them.

Our Process

  • Speak with our team about your project needs & we’ll customize a plan for you
  • Utilizing leading-edge software, access your owner page with all information pertaining to your property
  • Receive weekly progress updates & projects get final inspection by our Project Manager

Maintenance Program

  • Custom maintenance & inspection program
  • Comprehensive list of urgent & preventative repairs
  • 65 item inspection checklist
  • Photo documentation for all items
  • Work corresponds directly to budget/needs

The A-Line Difference

At A-Line, we are committed to providing the type of service that will build long-term relationships. We support all aspects of our client’s needs to help them meet their goals, regardless of the size of the project.

We have built A-Line with that type of successful focus and are constantly looking for ways to enhance our services to assure the success of our client’s projects.

We are ready to go: contact us today to discuss your project, our services, to get a quote, or to move your project forward!