Storm Damage

Has your property suffered from storm damage? Do you have questions on how to move forward from here? We can help!

What should I do if you think I have a loss or damage to my roof?

– Schedule an appointment with a qualified contractor to inspect your property and help determine if it is more beneficial to move forward with a claim or out-of-pocket repairs.

– Our maintenance and inspection programs can get your building and/or portfolio on an inspection schedule. We provide documentation and repairs to help prevent more extensive damage, as well as a complete photo log of the property condition for your reference.

– We do not charge for inspections; we only charge for work completed.

What’s the procedure for completing a property evaluation for damage?

-Before your appointment, we will begin by researching the storm data to get a sense of the potential impact on your property.

-Using this data and satellite imagery, we map several points over the building or community to maintain clear documentation for the claim

-We fly a drone and infrared camera over the roof to identify any hidden leak areas

-We go to our initial points and conduct additional inspections if necessary to identify consistent damage. We also inspect any leak areas that we identified in the drone footage and begin on a list of temporary repairs.

What happens after I file a claim?

– An adjuster from your insurance company will come out to evaluate the damage and document the repairs we have completed.

– We find it best for A-Line to be present for these inspections, we can then provide assistance with roof access, as well as share our inspection findings.

– The adjuster will typically be delayed in coming out for an inspection, so we will proactively have any leak issues temporarily repaired with documentation of the repair.

– A-Line will create an estimate using the same software as the insurance company, which keeps everyone on the same page through the entire claim process.

Once my claim is approved – Now what?

– Utilizing software, we track all of the work and daily progress of your project. As an owner, we can share updates with you through our portal and you can check on your project status and notes at any time.

– We will coordinate with your tenants on all work, from construction notices to parking changes so that the project moves forward efficiently and with limited disruption.

– We document any additional damage to make sure that both you and the insurance company are aware of any unexpected items we may encounter along the way.

– The entire property will be documented once the project is complete. This provides a comprehensive account of all of the work and repairs to add to your maintenance and inspection history.