What is involved in your maintenance program?

  • We work with each owner to develop a maintenance and inspection program that includes a comprehensive list of urgent and preventative repairs needed to stay ahead of issues that might lead to future damage.
  • Our inspection includes a 65-item checklist. We provide photo documentation of all identified issues.
  • We then work with each owner to prioritize their budget to ensure our focus corresponds directly to their business plans. 

How long will my project take?

  • The project timeline will depend on several variables. Once paperwork has been signed and approved, projects usually start the installation process just a few short weeks thereafter. 

Do you offer financing?

  • Yes.  We offer a wide variety of financing options through our partners, including no interest, delayed interest, and low interest fixed loans.

Do you offer a lifetime warranty?

Yes we do!

  • Our lifetime roof warranty is for flat roof systems coated with our special performance coating product.
  • The lifetime system is ready to accommodate green roof initiatives and with an additional top coat can be Cool Roof approved with a solar reflective index over 100.
  • Warranty is transferrable 1x with documentation provided back to A-Line.
  • Lifetime warranty includes 2 inspections per year to identify hail, mechanical and/or other damage.
  • The warranty covers installation, and is dependent on regular inspections to ensure the system stays intact.